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Internet based professional-level dispatch and transportation management software widely used
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6 December 2007

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If you own a tow trucking or any other similar business then there’s something that can help you manage your tasks with appreciable efficiency. You can have the transportation management done so well that you would not need anything else to work with. You can manage the details relating to the multiple division support, dispatch, administration, accounting, reports, and lot of other things. All this and more can be done with the Dispatch Anywhere 2.0 that would give you the features to manage the things with much ease.

Dispatch Anywhere 2.0 software gives you with multiple features that can help effortlessly synchronizes your tasks. The opening screen of the software is colorful and will keep you away from monotony while working. The software’s screen shows you the different features for all the functions set separately. The details relating to the features are shown on the screen below the options. You can also have the records of the drivers and keep a track of their works. This feature is shown on the right side and have it pin to the screen if required. Likewise you can have the detailed information of the vehicles present with your firm. You can have the settings of the program changed according to your requirements with the help of the given option on the tool bar. You can have the track of all the things so that it becomes easy for you to know that how efficiently the work had been going on. You can check up the status and also set the status. You can generate the reports, accounting record and also using the mapping option. For further details you have been assisted with the Help Guide that has been attached to the program.

Dispatch Anywhere 2.0 lets you have birds eye view over the flow of work process and the functioning of your firm for which it has been given 4 rating points. For delivering a better transportation service the Dispatch Anywhere 2.0 software is worth owing.

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Internet based professional-level dispatch and transportation management software widely used in the towing, trucking, lockout and other industries. Dispatch Anywhere is software designed by experienced software developers working with seasoned industry professionals from large and small companies worldwide. It’s not software that will cause your company to adapt to it: It's software that will adapt to your company. Four-truck and four-hundred- truck companies alike won't find better software . . . anywhere. Software includes: dispatch, accounting, impound, administration, reports, multiple division support, and mapping. What our customers are saying: "Beacon Software and their suite of towing software is revolutionizing the Towing Industry. Not even when Gerald Holmes started adding hydraulics to the family product line was there an impact like Beacon has had with Dispatch Anywhere. To the Industry: adopt early or be left behind; to our competitors: ignore this; we like the unfair advantage!!!" Scott Raughton Assistant Manager, IT Administrator Henry’s Wrecker Service Largest Privately Owned Towing Company in North America "I have searched and searched for a towing program that does everything I need as far as dispatching, reports, accounting, and so on.... Finally, Beacon has answered my prayers. If you want the best for your tow company, this is it!" Stephanie Stante VP Operations Beck's Towing "Dispatch Anywhere allows you to run your operations the way you always have, without adjusting to only what the software can do." "We have been able to address every price and pay combination we've come across. We can even move employees from one location to another with different pricing and pay systems without any difficulty." "Payroll and billing are extremely accurate. Technician accountability is better than ever." Jim Fetherman President, CEO CenTex-A-Lock, Inc.
Dispatch Anywhere
Dispatch Anywhere
Version 2.0
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